Improve Your Smile with Dental Damage Prevention

A hazard that everyone should be aware of in regard to their oral health care is dental damage. It is important to always make sure you are exercising caution with all aspects of your life including bad habits you’re partaking in and any lifestyle choices you select. Even with the best cleaning treatments in place,… Read more »

Chewing Gum and Its Benefits

If you have not already done so, you should consider implementing effective oral health care techniques to improve saliva production. A lack of saliva in your mouth can lead to a dry mouth condition in which your risk of tooth decay and gum disease can drastically increase. To help produce additional saliva, consider chewing gum… Read more »

How-To Basics for Cavity Prevention

In order to make sure your teeth remain safe from the hidden dangers of dental erosion, always visit your dentist for a routine examination. The more you do to keep your smile safe from dental erosion and cavities, the longer your smile can function as intended. Protecting your smile against cavities comes in numerous forms…. Read more »

The Cornerstones of Dental Bonding

If you are looking for a highly effective form of cosmetic dentistry that can drastically improve the look and function of your smile, consider dental bonding. Dental bonding treatments are designed to enhance your smile by covering up or repairing damage to your teeth. They’re also extremely durable and can easily last over 10 years… Read more »

A Few Notes Pertaining to Dental Anxiety

Do you suffer from dental anxiety? Dental anxiety is a common condition that results from individuals being scared, stressed, or anxious about visiting the dentist office or received oral health care treatments. Even simple things such as sounds and noises are enough to give individuals anxiety and panic. Fortunately, it can be treated. If you… Read more »

Dental X-Rays: A Helpful Diagnostic Tool

When you come in for your biannual dental cleaning and exam, Dr. may recommend that you have dental X-rays taken. This is because a basic exam cannot spot everything. There are areas in the mouth, like between the teeth, that the naked eye can’t see. Because of dental X-rays, issues like cavities can be detected,… Read more »

Smart Smile Basics: Dental Sealants

The Halloween season is right around the corner. However, this means that your children will most likely be tempted by numerous treats and sweets of all shapes and sizes. All children are already at a heightened risk for cavities, and the additional smorgasbord of sugar can further negatively impact their oral health. To prevent tooth… Read more »

The Things That Cause Enamel Erosion

Enamel erosion is when the outer layer of your teeth wears away. This exposes the underlying layers of the tooth and leaves your chomper vulnerable to the effects of bacteria and plaque, which could result in tooth decay development. The common symptoms of enamel erosion include sensitivity, tooth discoloration, rounded teeth, and cracked teeth. Unfortunately,… Read more »

Oral Health ABCs: Aging and Dental Health

Even if your oral health care is slipping, there is still time to make sure your teeth and gums last for the rest of your life, and function as they are intended to. Although your teeth and gums will age over time, just as the rest of your body will, they are designed to last… Read more »

Working Around a Toothpaste Allergy

Brushing your teeth twice a day is essential for good oral health. But what do you do when you’re allergic to toothpaste? The following covers the symptoms, causes and treatment of a toothpaste allergy. First, here are some common signs that you have a toothpaste allergy: -An itchy rash inside your mouth, your cheeks, your… Read more »