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In order to make sure your teeth remain safe from the hidden dangers of dental erosion, always visit your dentist for a routine examination. The more you do to keep your smile safe from dental erosion and cavities, the longer your smile can function as intended.

Protecting your smile against cavities comes in numerous forms. For optimum oral hygiene, it is important to always practice daily cleaning routines. This includes brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing every day as well. To help assist with brushing and flossing, use the appropriate gear and replace your cleaning tools as needed. For additional professional cleanings, visit your dentist.

Cavities typically arise due to the products you’re consuming. Furthermore, eat a healthy diet and avoid products that can easily lead to tooth decay. In addition, always make sure your mouth is cleaned out after meals. Due to the fact, your teeth may be extra sensitive after eating, try using mouthwash or sugarless chewing gum to help wash away bacteria and food particles.

With the skilled craftsmanship of Dr. Steven Rodriguez and our team at our office in Chelsea, Michigan, we can make sure your smile thrives with cavity prevention. To book an appointment for a dental filling at Healthy Smiles Dental Care® of Chelsea, call us at 734-475-8911.