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To avoid slippage and any issues or abnormalities associated with missing teeth, it is important to stabilize your gums by replacing all lost teeth. To complete your smile, consider a permanent tooth replacement prosthetic such as a dental bridge, also known as a fixed partial denture. With a dental bridge, you will have the peace of mind of having a life-like tooth prosthetic that can help your smile function as intended.

If you have any lost or missing teeth or are scheduled for a tooth extraction, it is essential to think about ways to restore your smile once again. If you do decide on a dental bridge to repair your smile, it is important to realize what its benefits are. Even if you have a weak jaw, dental bridges can be placed. In addition, dental bridges are extremely durable and can last up to a lifetime of heavy wear.

If you wish to protect your smile with tooth replacements such as dental bridges, it is important to make sure they are connected properly. Dental bridges are inserted into the spaces where missing teeth once lived and can be connected directly to other nearby or neighboring teeth. Once they are cemented into place, they can function and restore skills that may have been lost over time including chewing or eating skills as well as speech impediments that may have arisen due to lost or missing teeth.

When you have missing teeth, it is essential to replace them with a tooth restoration such as dental bridges so numerous other oral health ailments will not arise. This includes tooth slippage, which can occur due to gum disease or destabilization and a weakening of your jawbone. In addition, bacteria and plaque buildup in the areas left behind can lead to further dental erosion and tooth decay in your other healthy teeth.

The best smiles are made possible with dental bridge replacements. To upgrade your smile with dental bridge replacements, you are welcome to schedule a visit to our dentist in Chelsea, Michigan. If you would like Dr. Steven Rodriguez and our team at Healthy Smiles Dental Care® of Chelsea to talk to you about dental bridge replacements, please call our dentist office at 734-475-8911.