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When a hole forms in a tooth it is called a cavity. Treating cavities is done professionally by dentist via the use of dental fillings. Is your smile in need of an effective cavity treatment plan? Here are some things you should know about treating cavities with dental fillings:

– If you are in the market for a dental filling that blends in with the natural color of your teeth, composites are a better choice than amalgams as amalgams leave a metallic finish compared to composites, which can be shaded to better match your natural tooth color.

– If you would like a mercury-free dental filling, avoid dental amalgams and go with composite options instead.

– If a dental amalgam is damaged, it will need to be removed and replaced. If a composite filling is damaged, it may be able to be repaired or replaced without removing the filling.

– Dental amalgams are metallic dental fillings that are often best used for large and oversized cavities. Composite fillings are tooth-colored fillings that are often best used for smaller cavities.

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