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If your teeth are not meeting your requirements for a healthy and happy smile, they may be so severe that they have rotted completely and need to be removed. Although tooth extractions are only used in the most extreme circumstances, there are times when teeth become damaged to a point that they cannot be recovered, so removal is the only logical step forward.

If you ever do find yourself in need of a tooth extraction, Healthy Smiles Dental Care® of Chelsea would like to remind you to take necessary steps in advance to prepare yourself for a welcome recovery.

The most important step to recovery from a tooth extraction is to always follow your doctor’s instructions and health care guidelines. Our team at Healthy Smiles Dental Care® of Chelsea wants to ensure all recovery options are done with the greatest of care. This includes recovery via resting, so no working out or strenuous exercise should be done during the recovery process.

If you have any excessive swelling, use ice packs, or doctor-approved cooling packs. If you are in pain, use any pain medications or antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor.

Make sure to follow your doctor’s strict plan for your diet, and do not begin eating until the anesthetic has completely worn off. If you use tobacco products, quit them completely, or at least give them up for two complete days both before and after surgery.

With adequate care and attention, tooth extraction recovery can be done in minimal time. For more information about tooth extractions, or to book an appointment with Dr. Steven Rodriguez at our office in Chelsea, Michigan, please contact us at 734-475-8911 to speak with a member of our team.